• VIP Cards

    VIP Cards

    VIP card holders, has a distinguished symbol, to better serve customers. At the same time, can also play publi..

  • Discount Cards

    Discount Cards

    A thin layer of magnetic orientation of the arrangement of particles of iron oxide materials that can be used ..

  • Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver

    Flash flash gold or silver printed on the bottom of the company LOGO, the printed cards more upscale and speci..

  • Calendar card

    Calendar card

    Each end of the year, many companies or companies calendar cards given to customers by printing to better cont..

  • Door Locks & Hangers

    Door Locks & Hangers

    Picture card master card and supplementary card, additional card is the main card’s parents held by the child..

  • Clear Cards

    Clear Cards

    Transparent card using a transparent material, transparent card front and back surfaces partially transparent,..

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Plastek Cards, Inc. was established in 2004 and has become one of the leading plastic card manufacturers in the world. According to The Nilson Report, November 2011 (Issue 983), Plastek Cards worldwide chip card rankings were: • 2nd in "Prepaid/Gift Cards" • 17th in "Contactless Cards" • 9th in "Nonpayment Cards" • 31st in "Total Chip Card Shipments" Our production capacity has been steadily increasing every month since inception. We can produce more than 10 million cards per month. We have the latest plastic card manufacturing equipment and are capable of handling jobs of all sizes, from several hundred to several million pieces. We pride ourselves on being one of the few plastic card superstores in the market offering full service to our customers, and catering to all their needs in one-stop both today and tomorrow. Our dedicated sales team will help our customers through the process of getting their projects done from start to finish. We stock certified recycled material which meets or exceeds our customer’s environmental requirement. We endeavor to incorporate new ideas on plastic cards to enhance our customer’s company image. For cost conscience customers, we will make cost-saving suggestions to lower the cost in order to meet their budget requirement.

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  • 玩具反斗城
  • Nestle
  • Lane Crawford
  • IDT Corporation
  • 7 Days Inn Group
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